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Escape The Zombie

Flint, Michigan’s first room escape! The zombie outbreak is in full force. A government research lab has discovered the cure to the zombie outbreak. It has been transported to a military outpost to be distributed for mass use, but something went wrong in the process. It’s up to you and your team of up to 6 friends to complete various puzzles and problems to reach the antidote to cure the zombie outbreak. However, you might not be alone in the process as you are trapped in the room with a Zombie. Do you have what it takes to save the world in 60 minutes?


October 21st


The Lords of October were born on Halloween in 2015. The band features the characters of Uncle Salem on Vocals, October Phoenix on Drums, Aleister Kane on Guitars/Vocals and Lucifer Fulci (ex Penis Flytrap, Wormfood) on Bass/Vocals. They bring a love for Horror movies, Halloween and all things strange to their music. Lords of October have been called a mix between Anthrax, The Misfits and Kiss. Their first, self entitled EP (Official Release Date October 31, 2016) includes the songs: “The Goblin Rides”, “Autumn Fire”, “Annabel Lee”, “Graveyard Stomp”, and “Zoinks!”. You can seek them out on the internet, at the local graveyard and under the projects of Lucifer.
Do the graveyard stomp!

October 23rd


Author Joshua Burns on property selling and signing his book Cypher City Tales and his new book Legacy of the Beast.

“Cypher City Tales takes place in the 1940s and it’s a noir thriller tying in the seven deadly sins. It follows seven different people, each being influenced by a different sin. They will each have their sanity and humanity pushed to their limits.”